Our instruments

Our traditional instruments : the “galoubet” & the tambourine 


Thegaloubet is a wind instrument of the flute family.
His sound is very high.
It’s an instrument with three holes, usually made of wood. It is played with one hand : the left one traditionally. The thumb is applied on the bottom hole and the 2 holes above are closed by the middle finger and the index finger.
With the same fingering, several notes can be obtained by simply varying the intensity of the breath.
tamb_bleu The tambourine is a long barrel in plywood or solid wood, topped with 2 skins
* the top skin is traditionally made of dead calf skin,
* the bottom skin is generally thicker.
A very small cord is placed on the top skin, it’s giving the humming sound so specific to the tambourine.
The galoubet & tambourine is played by a single musician : the “Tambourinaire” (a tambourine-man).
This musician strkes the top skin of his tambourine in same time that his left hand is playing galoubet.
The tambourine is stroked with a kind of drumstick generally made of wood & called “massette”.
massette_feutre massette_bois

However to combine modernity & tradition, & to help our traditional Provençal instrument to live over the time, we insert in our group some instruments such as : oboe (“graille”) , clarinet, guitar, bagpipe …

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